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==> Either and in a First Step, on a Freelance Base including Part Time, Flexible and without Risks for You; Test Yourself the Way of Collaboration and Working Fields and what Exciting Tasks You Can Do for us!

Bill Gates, the founder and chairman of Microsoft…
Michael Dell, the founder and chairman of DELL…
Steve Jobs, the co- founder and chairman of Apple…
Jerry Yang, the Taiwanese founder and chairman of Yahoo…

We all know them at least from the media, as we always have heard and be inspired by their success-stories…

BUT… Why don’t YOU try also to become one of them?
This opportunity - often only once in a life time – appears in front of you, would you grab it???

Ambitious and Creative Marketer Partners and Entrepreneurs:

1) Importers / Distributors/ Public Relation / Shop Holders (not only IT/CE)/ Promoters / Home Resellers / Sales Advicers

Ambitious, Creative and Passionnate High-Tech Engineering Partners:

2) Software: BIOS Tuning, Benchmarking and Choice of Operating Systems and the Applications for Office Productivity, Internet and Communications, Multimedia, TV Cards Management and Blu-ray Disks Playing.

3) Hardware: Electronics, CAD Design Mechanical (metal sheet and plastics) and Thermals, Prototyping, Testing (Electrical, Thermal and Noise)

From interesting student part time job til manager and/or co-founder… all is possible and can be discussed.

What are we doing ?
Design and Development of several innovative "All-in-One" and portable Appliances like LCD-PC-TV-PVR with some Features which are unique Worldwide actually, with our own Components Manufacturing and our Assembling Plants, own Branding, and dedicated almost for the mid and high end Worldwide Markets.

Who are we looking for?
If you are ambitious, with the Passion and the Spirit of Entrepreneurs, means ready to invest some Efforts for the Midterm and at least with some Basics in English, French or German, please join us!

Who we are NOT looking for?
If you are running after the short term money and the kiddy social advantages from big players (are you unable to manage your own money?), please stay with your successful employer ;-) or unemployed.

Title's or diploma's are not our priorities, your skills, knowledge and most important your passion for some of these fields:
1) Relation with Press and Media (Internet, Prints, Radio and TV), Distributors, Communication and Negociations
2) BIOS, Firmware, Software MS Windows XP/Vista/7, Embedded, Linux, Software Media Players and Codecs Audio, Video, Communiction Applications, VoIP, DVB-DAB-DMB...
3) Computer Hardware (Notebook PC, Desktop PC, LCD-Monitors…), Electronic Devices (LCD-TV’s, HD SetTopBoxes and HD MediaPlayer, DSC and DVC Digital Cam's etc...), TV Cards, Radio and for CAD Experts AutoCad, ProEngineer or Solidworks (plastic and sheet metal), Thermal and Acoustical Design, Electric and Thermal Testing
then we could need you…

Send us your short CV / resume with your specific skills above asked, your hobbies and languages skills, actual and planned or wished wages, and information about what you have done and are presently doing to our feedback contact form here, and we can talk about how we can create a better and passionate common future.

Success comes before Work only in the Dictionary!

Founder Profile

Bruno Koegler holds a Master of Science in Electromechanical Engineering from the Strasbourg Institute of Technology (previously ENSAIS, now INSA) in East France near Germany.
After a few years in product engineering, Bruno accepted managing responsibilities in technology oriented business development. In this position, he developed innovative solutions for automotive electronics modules. Thanks to these solutions, the market share of his company in their primary customer group, a top 5 car maker, grew from 5 to 50 % in about 7 years.
In the same industrial automotive group, he spent 3 years to build up a new product division in a French-Japanese joint-venture, with worldwide suppliers and customers. His next career step was as VP of Sales, Marketing and Engineering with a first-tier German automotive supplier (1,500 employees).
Following that, he was given general management responsibilities (including sourcing, operations and sales) for an European subsidiary of a first-tier North American car components supplier.

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