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Contact Us - Contactez Nous - Kontaktaufnahme

e.mail: 4koegler (at)
Phone: 886 2 2648 7001 and 886 939 980 867
best from 1PM to 11PM (UTC+8hrs)

Koegler Electronics Co., Ltd.
Xizhe District, New Taipei City,
Taiwan, Republic of China

Design, manufacturing and branding of e. g.
high end Tablet and All in One LCD PC TV (15"~26")
twitter: 4koegler

Best is to reach us by e.mail!

If no reply after 2-3 days or urgent, thanks for a short call.

Your message should content following:

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company name and if possible your website(s)
Country and City / Adress wished.
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You can mail in English, French or German
Vour pouvez mailer en Francais, Anglais ou Allemand
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